IV.I.VIII review from Metal As Fuck ]

Coffinworm are my new favourite band. Sludgy doom or doomy sludge, it’s hard to pin them down to one particular style as they seem to incorporate several different elements throughout each track on IV.IV.III. From the death elements of Sympathectomy, which opens with a scream from the pit, one knows immediately that fun-times are sure to be had - but Coffinworm like to opt for all manner of tempo changes within each of the six tracks on here; black, death, sludge, doom and more; every one gets a look in with the longer song structures (which are certainly not all slow and dirge-like). Instant Death Syndrome has the slow guitar but the drums are going ten to the dozen while the vocal line conjures the desperately insane; the composition of each track is a thing of wonder. With so much sound coming at you, it’s like audio suffocation that one runs into instead of away from.

Black Tears has some Evil Satan feedback before getting the funeral doom guitars going - but you can’t pin this stuff down - it’s like the sound of continents slowly smashing into each other, and it’s heavy as fuck, just the way we like it. About mid-way through everything drops away for a split second while the vocals pierce the aether and then we’re off in another direction. Admittedly I have been known to get a bit bored with the ‘inmate of the asylum’ screaming vocal delivery but on this album it works so well (and on every track) that I’m utterly reinvigorated by it. The outro is solidly constructed, howling and howling with crashing sea sample. Lust Vs Vengeance offers more pulverising riff while the break mid-way through Of Eating Disorders And Restraining Orders is freaky as hell and made me terribly afraid amidst the squealing guitars and weirdly distorted spoken word. The bass was fat though and pulled me through the dark times. It would be hilarious to play this album at your own funeral.

I can’t get enough of this album though I’d be the first to admit that it’s not easily digestible or accessible. Regardless of whether anyone else digs it though, I’m mad for it. – Albert Peterson

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